Aux Gaufres de Bruxelles
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The restaurant "Aux Gaufres de Bruxelles"

In the center of Brussels, a few steps from the cultural treasures and most shops in the country is the ideal place to enjoy the delicious typical specialties of a city known for its gastronomy.

- Continental (orange juice, coffee or tea, 2 croissants, butter and jam)
- International (orange juice, coffee or tea, eggs with bacon, bread, butter and jam)
- Cheese, bacon, bread, toast, fruit

- Mixed
- Salad + chips
- Salad Niçoise
- Tomato Mozzarella
- Chicken salad
- Féta salad

- Tuna (spicy / mayonnaise / Portuguese)
- American prepared
- Chicken (curry / Hawaii / Strawberry)
- Ham
- Salami
- Gaudí
- Ardennes ham
- Turkey
- Ham and cheese
- Shrimp salad
- Prawn salad
- Crab salad

- Soup of the day
- Toastie Monsieur (cheese, ham)
- Toastie Madame (cheese, ham, egg)
- Toastie Hawaiian (cheese, ham, pineapple)
- Turkey club Toast (cheese, turkey)
- Toast with mushrooms
- House plate (cheese and meat)
- Tuna stuffed tomatoes + chips

menu-brochettes-grillées menu-steak menu-feta
menu-tomates-mozarella menu-mix-grill menu-croque-monsieur
menu-salade-mix menu-hamburger menu-thon
menu-omelette menu-assiette-anglaise menu-merguez
menu-salade-frites menu-salade-poulet menu-demi-poulet
menu-brochette-de-poulet menu-tomates-au-thon
- Vegetarian Spaghetti
- Spaghetti Bolognese
- Spaghetti and chicken pesto
- Spaghetti ham and cheese

- Plain / cheese / ham / fungi / mixed
- Paysanne (mushrooms, pepper, onions, tomatoes)

Mussels and fries

- Marinières
- White wine
- Provençal es
- Garlic and cream

Grill + Frites + Salad
- Mixed Grill
- Steak
- Steak chopped
- Chicken Skewers

Pancakes and waffles
- Pancakes with sugar
- Waffle Brussels
- Waffle of Liege
with (whipped cream, hot chocolate, ice cream, jam, syrup, maple syrup from Canada, nutella, fresh fruit, strawberries, bananas, butter, Grand Marnier)

crêpe-bananes crêpe-fraises-chantilly gaufre de bruxelles
gaufre-fraises-chantilly gaufre-bananes gaufre-fruits
gaufre-chantilly-glace gaufre-fraises-chantilly-glace gaufre-liege
gaufre-liege-chantilly gaufre-liege-fruits-glace gaufre-liege-chantilly-fraises
Ice cream
- House sundae
- Strawberry sundae
- Fresh Fruit sundae
- Junior sundae
- Vanilla whipped cream sundae
- Dame blanche
- Dame noire
- Brazilian sundae
- Vienna coffee sundae
- Banana Split
- Milk shake
Flavors: vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate, pistachio, mocha , stracciatella

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